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Free pick up is available.  We are located in a convenient location of Encino/Lake Balboa. You are welcome to come and pick up your order. Choose pick up time at the check out. If you need your order earlier please contact us for special pick up time confirmation. Our Address is 16026 Wyandotte St. Lake Balboa CA 91406. 
Please let us know when you are at the location we will bring your order outside 



Delivery is flat rate of $ 13.99

We delivery between 10 am- 8 pm. 

We would like to mention, that our bouquets are not only beautiful but first of all, they are Edible Bouquets and shall be enjoyed soon. This is the reason, we believe you should tell your loved ones that there is a delivery coming with a surprise and make sure they are at the address for the delivery. You don't need to tell them what it is, we wouldn't either, but make sure that they know it's coming. Otherwise, this surprise could be spoiled. Usually, we can leave it with the colleagues, relatives, neighbors or friends. All this will be discussed with you prior, but in a situation where we can't get a hold of you on time of the delivery, the courier will be making a decision on the spot. From this time we are not responsible for the order being handled to the receiving client.
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